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Monkfish & Roasted Fennel with Elsinore Masago Lobster Bisque

Seabass Ceviche with Elsinore Lumpfish Caviar

Elsinore Sweet & Spicy Herring, Crème Fraiche, Tomatillo & Coriander on Rye

Masago Sushi California Rolls

If you’ve landed on this page, there’s a good chance you have a delightful jar of Masago Caviar in your hands! On the new to market jars of Masago Caviar, we have a cheeky little label to help you find out more about Masago plus a simple recipe to help you create authentic California Rolls.… Continue reading Masago Sushi California Rolls

Devilled Eggs

Soft boiled egg with Caviar

Caviar Carbonara

Smoked Salmon Blinis with Lumpfish Caviar

Taramasalata, Smoked Salmon, King Prawns and Masago on Rye.

Elsinore Masago, Tuna Sashimi, Wasabi Mayo, Ponzu Soy